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A screenwriter with hopes of becoming a director and producer, Kendra Oladipo, was born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She was raised by Nigerian immigrants and lost her hearing at age 8. She graduated from Gallaudet University after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Performing Arts. During her time at Gallaudet, she was involved in theatre and the dance team. 

In 2022, she received her MFA from American University in Washington, DC. For the last couple years, she has been involved in a several different projects. 

Aside from film and screenwriting, Kendra’ s currently working on photography and graphic design. 
Member of Deaf Talent® Casting
Member of Deaf Talent® Casting

AK was born Deaf in Mexicali, Baja California, and grew up with 6 CODA family members and Deaf grandparents. At age 3, she and her family had to move to the United States in hopes of finding future educational opportunities. After 28 years of experiencing all the journeys in the United States, she had enough insight to determine that the only disability in life is a bad attitude. It is all about mindset. After all the years, she has used her creative imagination to overcome barriers and obstacles. 


She proudly graduated from Gallaudet University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. However, that is not the only degree she pursued. There are other passions she yearns to strive for, which are acting, graphic design, teaching, and especially writing. 


One of her first achievements was the opportunity to play the role of Camille in the film " What Somalia Want," directed and produced by Jade Bryan in New York City. She is currently in the Teach Arizona program at the University of Arizona and pursuing a Master of Education in teaching. Those are not just some of the things she enjoys doing. She also loves hiking, traveling, exploring, and lifting weights at the gym. 


That is Artemis Karenia

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting

Adrienne was a panelist for Sundance Institute's 2022 Sundance Film Festival "Unconscious Bias: BIPOC Deaf Creators Reframing the Narrative at the Script Development Table & Behind the Camera". Adrienne is also associate producer, casting director, and storybook editor for Jade Bryan's tv production proof of concept, "What Somalia Wants". She is a member of Women of Color Unite (WOCU) and the JTC List and is also a #Startwith8 mentee who believes in the necessity of Deaf Talent®️ Creative Lab in bridging the gap between the passion of BIPOC Deaf creatives and the mentorship and training gold that can only come from Deaf and hearing tv and film industry executives and creatives. Adrienne has consulted on writing authentic Black Deaf characters in comic books "Volcano Woman" by Kola Boof, and "The Hotness, Issue 2: The Game is Rigged", written by Masiyaleti Mbewe and Elago Akwaake. and scripts. Her passion for television and film began from watching the vaudeville of silent films with Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and the physical comedy of Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges. 

Adrienne Gravish is Group Director and Consultant with Deaf Talent ®️ Media & Entertainment Consulting, the only BIPOC Deaf-led, mostly BIPOC Deaf DEIA agency in the United States. Deaf Talent® Media & Entertainment Consulting works to ensure that BIPOC Deaf representation is authentic and present in TV, film, and media projects.

Adrienne looks forward to learning as much as she can through Deaf Talent®️ Creative Lab's collaboration with tv and film executives and creatives! 

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting and represented by Deaf Talent® Management

Henry Toribio Martinez, a proud Dominican Republic native, was born in the vibrant landscapes of his home country. However, at a young age, he relocated to the diverse and dynamic neighborhood of Kingsbridge in the north Bronx. This blend of cultural influences has shaped Henry into the unique and multifaceted actor he is today.


Having grown up in the heart of Kingsbridge, Henry was exposed to a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and stories. The vibrant atmosphere of the Bronx instilled in him a deep appreciation for the arts and a desire to make his mark in the world of acting.


Henry's journey as an actor began at a young age when he discovered his passion for the performing arts. With unwavering determination, he pursued his dreams, immersing himself in acting classes, theater productions, and film projects. His commitment to his craft and willingness to push boundaries have allowed him to break barriers and inspire others along the way.


As an openly gay man, Henry recognizes the importance of representation and inclusivity in the entertainment industry. He strives to amplify the voices and stories of underrepresented communities, using his platform to shed light on the intersectionality of his identity. Through his captivating performances, he aims to challenge stereotypes, spark dialogue, and foster understanding.


In addition to his cultural and personal journey, Henry is also a proud advocate for the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. Having navigated the complexities of immigration, he understands the significance of fighting for equal rights and opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background.


Henry's versatility as an actor enables him to embody a wide range of characters with depth and authenticity. Whether it's a compelling drama, a thought-provoking social commentary, or a lighthearted comedy, he brings a unique perspective to every role he undertakes.


Through his talent, passion, and commitment, Henry Toribio Martinez seeks to leave a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. With each performance, he strives to challenge perceptions, ignite conversations, and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting and represented by Deaf Talent® Management

Katrina Parker is a proud New Jersey native with many talents with a background in dancing and acting.  In 2022, she had the privilege of working with Jade Bryan, the first Black Deaf award-winning filmmaker. Katrina recently starred in a groundbreaking dramedy TV series, entitled, “What Somalia Wants” about a Black Deaf fashion designer, pop-up store owner, and Tik Tok influencer. Katrina was cast as the lead character, where she played Somalia La’Mine, a complex character in the show. 


Katrina attended acting classes at Jade Films Acting School, where she received in-depth training to develop a strong acting foundation, professionalism, the right attitude, and the right mindset. She was also cast as a talent in the Shutterstock video project and was a PSA spokesperson for Vibrant Emotional Health, which provides support for Deaf/HOH individuals experiencing emotional distress from disaster incidents.  


When Katrina is not working on the Film or TV set, she serves the ASL Deaf and Hearing community in New Jersey as a Deaf administrator of the Deaf Advocacy Group, founded by Thyson Halley. She teaches American Sign Language(ASL) classes of all ages with various backgrounds and job professions, including law enforcement and medical staff. Katrina was the MC host for the first historical Deaf Flag raising. In addition, she was recently invited as a guest speaker at a press conference for yet another historical event where the Orange Police Department implements weekly ASL classes for all police officers in the city of Orange. Her speech has inspired many others to introduce ASL classes to their cities.  


Katrina Parker is a humble and fierce advocate for Deaf representation and equal rights. She believes in empowering the community and that inclusion and accessibility are important both on and off the screen. One thing about Katrina, she is a quick learner and is open to learning new things.

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting and represented by Deaf Talent® Management

Lanetra Williams is a California native and alumnus of California School for the Deaf in Fremont. Lanetra grew up in Silicon Valley and attended Rochester Institution of Technology (RIT) for a short time before leaving to pursue other interests and her passion for acting on the screen and the stage. 

As one of the members of the Black Deaf LGBTQIA community, the focus is primarily on bringing the voices of representation to the mainstream screens. 


Lanetra is represented by Deaf Talent® Management and Deaf Talent® Casting. She is looking forward to expanding her scriptwriting skills to her creative bucket. Lanetra's goals are to support and elevate the voices of Deaf BIPOC and LGBTIQA+ representation by honing her skills to create stories so they can see themselves on the mainstream screens. The experiences in the entertainment industry, Lanetra has acquired were: Live on-stage actor, a Commercial actor, and a TV actor, as well as offered on-set production support. 

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Member of Deaf Talent® Casting and represented by Deaf Talent® Management

As a Native New Yorker, Tasia (pronounced Asia with a T) grew up surrounded by the arts. Fashion, visual arts, writing, dancing, singing, acting—you name it, she was surrounded by it all. Fashion Institute of Technology was right up the block from where she grew up in Chelsea—more specifically Chelsea Projects and she performed and participated in countless talent shows in school. Since she was a young girl, she always knew she wanted to be in the entertainment industry. She felt she was a quadruple threat—“skilled” in singing, dancing, and acting with a knack for storytelling (writing). Around the age of five her family discovered she had a hearing loss and life started changing for her. However, her love for the arts remained unwavering. 


During Junior year of High School, her aunt signed her up to audition for an acting program in NYC called ViBe Girls. She was ultimately chosen to be one of the seven girls out of hundreds who were accepted into the program. Together all seven wrote and produced an off-broadway show. This is when Tasia, affectionately known as Tay, became serious about acting. Tasia went on to audition for talent agencies throughout college, but none of them felt like the right fit until she met Jade Bryan, a trailblazer in the Deaf community in 2022. Between her Junior year of college and her first year of motherhood, Tasia re-discovered her love for writing and storytelling and put her acting hat on the shelf. It wasn’t until January 2023 that she dusted off that hat and played a role in a Jade Bryan production. Just the boost, she needed.


There is no stopping her now. It’s only up from here. 

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting

Dean Kaplan was born in Queens, New York, and raised in Suffern, New York. Right now, Dean lives in North Carolina. Dean drives back and forth from North Carolina to New York to pursue his acting dreams. Dean always knew he wanted to be an actor since he was 7 years old. 


Dean was grateful to get cast in the Russian Fiddler production, a play called "Fiddler on The Roof". It was a local school play. When the audience applauded, Dean was excited and realized he wanted to be the actor. He had two specific goals in mind: become part of the Deaf Talent® Casting team, and work with the director, Jade Bryan. Dean took several acting classes at the Jade Films Acting School to improve his acting skills. 


Acting on the "What Somalia Wants" production and working with Jade Bryan, who is a brilliant director, and her crew, has been an incredible experience for me.  Dean made his professional acting debut in the play, "Arthur" in 2019 and "What Somalia Wants" in 2023. Dean looks forward to many more acting opportunities.


Emma Salazar is a creative director and account manager for Vaida LLC. Working on creating content and marketing on various social media, and currently living in Los Angeles, California. She is currently majoring in accounting business and film production at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. 


Her past experiences involve film and video editing with leadership skills with creativity such as video production, broadcast journalism, and ASL studios from some high school years at California School for the Deaf, Riverside in Riverside, California and graduated in 2018. 

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting

Delresea is a proud and accomplished graduate of the Alabama School for the Deaf in Talladega, Alabama.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Kent State University in ASL with a minor in International Communication Cultures and a Master’s degree from Gallaudet University in Sign Language Education. 

Ms. Mornes is a skilled, veteran language advocate for the Black and Brown communities and feels strongly about our access to language learning and our rights.  Ms. Mornes is passionate about Deaf activism and has led a number of movements, impacting many lives.  Recently she made history as the first Deaf instructor at Spelman College.

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting

Ronyurys Lantigua, a proud New Yorker of Dominican descent, was born and raised in Washington Heights and what is now known as the Little Dominican Republic. About a decade ago, she moved to the Bronx, New York, and through the years, has come to enjoy everything that has to do with the art of performing and creative entertainment. Living in such diverse neighborhoods has allowed her to enrich her knowledge and love for all kinds of cultures within these boroughs. Born hard of hearing has allowed her to recognize the importance of representation within the industry. Determined to pursue her dreams and express her passion in acting has become her pursuit of happiness. Her goal is to challenge any stereotypes within her culture and community by expressing her beliefs and voice through the arts of acting.

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting

My name is Tyson Love. I am deaf and have been acting since 2015. I enjoy being involved in the film and television entertainment industry. Since I have become successful in acting, I have gotten more acting opportunities. I have been recognized by the disabled and LGBTQIA+ community and want to show the world to prove that disabled people can do anything to have their dreams come true.


As an LGBTQIA+ advocate, I believe that Queer artists should never feel discriminated against by anyone just because we are different. We are human beings. We are game-changers.

Member of Deaf Talent® Casting
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